Welcome to your custom school store with school uniforms by Tommy Hilfiger! If you haven’t done so, please select your child’s grade and gender to ensure you are shopping within the approved assortment.

We’ve included product guidelines to help you make your purchase according to your school's specific dress code.  Refer to the color chips for each style for the following indicators (or you may filter by DRESS CODE on the left side of the page):

Requirement: Items that must be purchased.

Meets Requirement: This is one of several style options which meet the dress code requirement.

Optional: This style is approved to be worn, but is not required.

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  1. Large View - Light Blue
    Short Sleeve Interlock Polo Dress
  2. Large View - Black
    Cardigan Sweater
  3. Large View - Khaki
    Belted Knife Pleat Skirt
  4. Large View - Khaki
    Flat Front Twill Blend Short
  5. Large View - Khaki
    Flat Front Twill Cotton Short
  6. Large View - Charcoal Grey
    Herringbone Flat Front Dress Pant
  7. Large View - Hunter Navy
    Plaid Box Pleat Skirt